An ode to the Instant Pot

An ode to the Instant Pot
Oh, Instant Pot! I already have a rice cooker, yogurt maker, slow cooker, and more!
Do I really need another “thing” (and you of all things) from the store?
I was the latest to succumb to temptation
that we all are buying into as a nation.

You, Instant Pot, seemed too good to be true.
I thought my purchase would be a rue.
I figured we would try you out, see how it goes.
If you failed, resale would be easy, heaven knows!

We tried just one recipe to give you a test,
Then let our tastebuds be hard-pressed.
I thought your claims to greatness were biased and bold,
But it only took making brown rice (in half the normal time) to be sold.

Others still wonder about you: “How can one appliance really be so great?”
Well, I am here to set the record straight.
When it comes to cooking in a hurry,
You make the finest, done-in-under-25-minutes curry!

And then there’s that yogurt; you make
the best tasting greek-styled, for goodness sake!
In just seven minutes, eggs that are perfectly hard-boiled,
At this task, you were not foiled.

And have I mentioned that you even sauté?
You make “one pot cooking” easy for everyday. 
You cook meals that are delicious and healthy?
Vegetables don’t need to be hidden, I don’t need to be stealthy.

Making baby food for Olly is even a cinch.
Steamed apples, sweet potatoes, and carrots are ready in a pinch.
You’ve really been put through our family’s test.
Even your clean up is easy, you’re simply the best!

You have been a hit in this household, an instant success!
I don’t know why I you were given a second-guess.
Weeknight meals are simply a breeze.
Because you, sweet Instant Pot, make tasty food with ease.







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