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My name is Jen. And sometimes people call me Jenny. I suppose on a rare occasion (e.g., when my sister is introducing me to someone), I am also referred to as Jennifer. What you refer to me as depends on how you know me. I am a scientist and a day-dreamer. I tend to over-think things, like what people say or why a specific path is better than another. I’m working on trying to worry less; let’s say I’m a work-in-progress.

In January 2017, we welcomed a new addition to the family. He’ll keep us on our toes and we hope to instill the love of adventure and travel within him.

Originally from the great state of Nebraska in the USA, I am very fortunate to have ventured halfway around the world to England (specifically Cambridge), where I spend my days doing biomedical research or figuring out this mommy thing. My husband (Elliott) is a part-time contributor to this blog, mostly in the way of offering whisky tasting notes, and in the US armed forces, which is why we are where we are.

When not doing or thinking about science, you can find me on my bicycle, in the park, on a yoga mat, doing some arts and crafts (making a mess in the office, living room, and/or dining room),  trying to explore parenthood, or cooking/baking (making a giant mess in the kitchen). When in the kitchen, I stick to the theory: if you don’t dirty every dish you own while baking or cooking, then you’re not trying hard enough. This is probably why Elliott cooks more often than I do.

We both enjoy trying out new recipes, discussing the interworkings of the universe, tasting the “finer things” in life (food, coffee, tea, whisky, or anything with chocolate in it), and exploring new areas.

We’re happy that you here, joining us on our adventures!

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