Welcome 2017 with a single word

There is a trend going on in the social media communities. By no means is it a new trend. It is an old trend with a new revival, which happens about this time every year. I like to make resolutions and SMART goals  for the year – I actually achieved my 2016 goal of losing 20 pounds. I then “unachieved” my goal by gaining it and some more back (due to healthy weight gain during pregnancy). I currently don’t have a New Years Resolution in mind; I’m more focused on successfully surviving the last few weeks of pregnancy as I have been uncomfortable and a bit grumpy for the past few weeks.

The trend. What I am referring to isn’t about making a resolution that you will end up not keeping for whatever reason. It is to simply find a single word to help you throughout your upcoming year. The idea came from many this year, but I tracked down a source that has been doing this for many years now: One Little Word by Ali Edwards.

I love the idea of having a single word resonant through you for the whole year, to help you throughout the year to have a better purpose. A single word you can meditate or reflect upon; a word to inspire and motivate you. We all have goals that we want to stick with – I feel like even having this single word posted in a place that you’d see it everyday (for me, near/on/next to the bathroom mirror) would help you achieve these goals. There are several words that I tried to narrow down to just one.

The word I finally settled on is: give. Without getting into the nitty gritty details of what this word will mean to me, I hope it will be a reminder to be a better person to myself and to others in multitude of ways.

What about you: How about trying out One Little Word for 2017? What would your word be?






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