Baby Gifts

Hello everyone,
The military family has really set us up for success for having a baby. I know some folks are eager to start working on a shower for Jen, so in an effort to consolidate all the baby things, here is what we already have:

Chico KeyFit 30 with base (US spec carseat)
Spare Keyfit 30 base
Graco Junior (UK spec carseat)
Mothercare bouncy seat similar to these with sound and vibration
Babytrend Nursery center playpen
Medela Breast Pump (Pump In Style with backpack carrier and cooler – 
UK voltage)
Kiinde twist 80 pack
Saplings Bethany Swinging Crib (UK sheet size 840-430 mm)
Nursing pillow
Prince Lionheart wipe warmer (UK voltage)
Vera Bradley diaper bag (so last season… I can’t find a link)
1x moustache pacifier (don’t judge me!)
High chair
Bouncy seat

Please do NOT buy us a baby monitor, as the US/UK frequencies are not compatible, and anything you buy in the US will be illegal in England.
This generally applies to anything that needs to be plugged into the wall – due to the differences in voltage.

No age clothing
9x blankets
9x bibs
12x burp cloths

5x hats
1x shoes
10x socks
2x sleep sack
1x long sleeve onesie
1x short sleeve onesie
1x trousers
6x pajamas

0-3 Month
10x short sleeve onesie
2x long sleeve onesie
7x trouser
4x pajama

3-6 Month
1x Shoes
1x 3-6 mon sleep sack
9x onesie
1x pajama

6-9 Month
5x trouser
6x onesie
3x sweater

> 9 Month
2x trouser
5x short sleeve onesie
8x long sleeve onesie
2x long sleeve shirts

Shower date and details are still up in the air. Given the distance between us and almost everyone we know, we made an registry. If you would like to purchase something for us, you can find the registry here. We didn’t list too many books or toys, but we’d also love books (and we don’t mind your second-hand ones)!

It’s also worth noting we will be moving sometime next summer and don’t know where we will be living next, thus what climate clothing we will need. At 6 months, baby will be preparing for a UK summer, an Alabama summer, or something in between. We expect the movers will be here to pack us sometime in June (maybe sooner), so portable stuff for the 4 months we will be living out of suitcases would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to ship something to our UK address, please contact us and we will give you the address.

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